Privacy Policy

We (Forestry Commission England) provide this service (Citizen Space). The technology behind this service and its operation is provided by Delib.

Privacy - Key Facts

When you submit information to us using this service, it's treated sensitively in accordance with data protection principles.

For information you submit:

  • Forestry Commission England is the data controller.
  • Delib is the data processor.

Privacy - Further Information

Delib's privacy policy explains how Delib will collect, safeguard and process your data on behalf of Forestry Commission England.


We need to handle personal information about you so that we can provide services to you. This is how we look after that information.

When we ask you for information, we will keep to the law, including the Data Protection Act 1998.  We undertake:

  • To make sure you know why we need it;
  • To only ask for what we need, and not to collect too much or irrelevant information;
  • To protect it and make sure nobody has access to it who shouldn’t;
  • To only share it with other organisations when the law allows;
  • To make sure we don’t keep it longer than necessary; and
  • Not to make your personal information available for commercial use without your permission.


In return, we ask you to:

  • Give us accurate information; and
  • Tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes, such as a new address.

This will help us to keep your information reliable and up to date.


You can get more details on:

  • How to find out what information we hold about you and how to ask us to correct any mistakes;
  • Agreements we have with other organisations for sharing information;
  • Circumstances where we can pass on your personal information without telling you, for example, to prevent and detect crime or to produce anonymised statistics;
  • Our instructions to staff on how to collect, use and delete your personal information;
  • How we check the information we hold is accurate and up to date; and
  • How to make a complaint.


If you have a query about the Forestry Commission's handling of your personal information, you can contact us:

  • in writing, including fax or email;
  • by using our Information Request online form
  • by contacting our public enquiries line 0800 367 3787
  • by phone, or in person if you find that easier;

If your request is not in writing, we may write to you to confirm your request.

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner at: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, K9 5AF

Telephone: 01625 545745

Fax: 01625 524510