New Forest Inclosures Forest Design Plan Documents to Support EIA Submission - 2018

Opens 27 Jul 2018

Closes 24 Aug 2018


These documents are the full proposal for the new Forest Inclosures Forest Design Plan, submitted to Forest Services in April 2017. This proposal contains areas of deforestation to advance the restoration of open habitats within the New Forest. It is this deforestation element which is currently under consideration by Forest Services under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (Forestry). Details of the consultation relating to this EIA can be found at: The proposals within these documents were open for consultation during 2017 and are not now subject to this pubic consultation.
This consultation will open on 27 Jul 2018. Please come back on or after this date to give us your views.


  • Local community member
  • Government department / agency or unitary authority
  • Non-Governmental Organisation / charity
  • Commercial business
  • South England
  • South East & London


  • Timber, wood products and woodfuel
  • Grants and licences
  • Forest design plans